Apple Watch gets battery saver

Earlier Apple watch users used to get a very less amount of battery life as it was only for a day but now they can get more as Apple watch is introducing battery saver mode. According to reports, Apple Watch users who are eligible for the watchOS 9 version are getting an update this week, which brings the new power-saving mode for users. Watch users can enable this feature manually to get more out of the Apple Watch whenever needed.


Other Perks

The best thing is that the software can automatically turn on when the battery level goes below 10 per cent, and disable it when the Watch has more than 80 per cent of juice. You can manually enable the new mode by going to the Control Centre of the Apple Watch or through the Settings on your iPhone.


How the feature works

According to News 18, “So, how does the Apple Watch achieve the additional load of the battery? The company has tuned the feature to turn off critical features like Always-on-Display, alerts from the heart rate monitor, blood oxygen measuring and workout reminders.”

They added, “Apple also says that if the Watch is not linked to an iPhone in its proximity, the Wi-Fi and cellular network on the Watch will also be disabled.

The company has not said how much difference will power-saving mode make on the overall life of the Watch but looking at the features that are getting disabled, we assume you can easily get an hour or two extra worth of juice from the battery. It is also expected that the mode will make the interface experience a bit sluggish and the animation on the Watch won’t be its usual fluid.”

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