Deep 6 AI: Revolutionizing Clinical Research with Artificial Intelligence

Leading the Charge in Bringing Life-saving Treatments to Patients Faster!

The world of medicine has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and it’s no longer enough just to treat a patient’s symptoms manually.

Deep 6 AI, led by visionary Founder and CEO Wout Brusselaers, is using artificial intelligence to accelerate life-saving treatments and advance medical research. Founded in 2016, it aims to transform the clinical trial enrollment process by leveraging real-time clinical data and advanced algorithms. Their groundbreaking technology precisely matches patients to clinical trials, bringing hope to those in need at an unprecedented speed.

The Deep 6 Precision Research Ecosystem serves as a vital connector, seamlessly integrating researchers, physicians, sponsors, and CROs. By revolutionizing patient identification, this innovative platform disrupts the traditional clinical trial enrollment process. Deep 6 AI’s artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities rapidly mine both structured and unstructured patient data, allowing researchers to identify more eligible patients in minutes, rather than months. This not only accelerates the research process but also provides patients with quicker access to life-changing clinical trials.

Deep 6 AI collaborates with renowned health systems, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs worldwide, making a significant impact across the healthcare industry. Their DEEP 6 platform has become an integral component of the clinical research workflow, offering unparalleled efficiency and accelerating the path to potential breakthrough treatments.

Under his guidance, Deep 6 AI is revolutionizing the way clinical research is conducted. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the company brings hope to patients and enables researchers to make significant strides in their quest for life-saving therapies.

Let us delve deeper into their inspiring journey!

The Visionary

Wout Brusselaers, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Deep 6 Al, has had a diverse and impressive career. He began as a diplomat in the Middle East and later joined the renowned management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, where he worked with various industries across Asia. Building on his entrepreneurial spirit, Wout then established an extreme sports adventure company in Singapore. Afterward, he ventured into the challenging realm of international security, successfully leading a large organization with 22,000 employees spread across four continents, ultimately transforming it into a global player worth $500 million. Wout’s visionary mindset led him to create Deep 6 Al, a state-of-the-art Al platform specifically designed for the Intelligence community and renowned for being one of the most complex data environments in the world.

Since 2016, Deep 6 Al has shifted its focus exclusively to healthcare, collaborating with esteemed industry leader Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Leveraging their AI expertise, Deep 6 AI now specializes in expediting patient recruitment and facilitating the delivery of life-saving treatments to individuals in need. Mr. Brusselaers actively contributes to the field of artificial intelligence in healthcare, frequently speaking at events and working closely with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes to develop effective patient recruitment programs.

Revolutionizing Clinical Research

By utilizing AI techniques, the Deep 6 Al platform applies algorithms to both structured and unstructured patient data. This allows for real-time matching of patients and sites to trial protocols within a secure and HIPAA-compliant environment. With this advanced precision research software, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) concepts like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), patients can be accurately matched to clinical research trials. While structured data, such as coded medical records and standardized fields like age and gender, provide valuable information, they only reveal part of the patient’s story. Deep 6 Al goes beyond this by mapping all the data to ICD-10 codes and 120+ ontologies, creating dynamic patient graphs that offer a comprehensive clinical context. This holistic approach allows for precise matching of patient characteristics to trial criteria, resulting in fewer false positives and wasted time.

Connecting Patients to Clinical Trials

The patient population can benefit from clinical trials as an additional care option. Deep 6 Al offers a self-service platform that helps build cohorts using precision matching and natural language processing. By reading the entire patient record, Deep 6 Al can quickly match the most difficult-to-retrieve clinical evidence and provide context through NLP. This allows for the prioritization of the best-matching patients for studies. Feasibility searches provide aggregate numbers only, ensuring patient privacy. Access to patient information is controlled by a whitelist feature, which grants access only to those with IRB approval and a legitimate need. 

Patients prefer to learn about clinical trials from their trusted physicians. With Deep 6 Al’s Trial Recommender, physicians can find studies that their patients are eligible for, allowing them to discuss the best options together. Trial Recommender matches complex inclusion and exclusion criteria to clinical evidence, making it easier to find suitable clinical trials. Deep 6 Al can retrieve data from various sources, including pathology reports, omics, physician notes, and structured or unstructured data. Once the patients are identified and validated, recruitment can begin. Deep 6 Al’s Patient Recruiter offers a streamlined and fully integrated recruitment module to facilitate the enrollment of identified patients in the study.

Power of Data

The phrase “Past performance is no guarantee of future success” is well known to everyone. However, sponsors often continue to choose the same sites based solely on their existing relationships. Selecting a site is an investment in the success of your study, and Deep 6 offers a solution by eliminating uncertainty in site selection. With Deep 6, your team can make data-driven decisions by accessing real-time information about the number of precision-matched patients available at each site and the principal investigator associated with them. Deep 6 enables you to leverage real-time, real-life data to effectively plan and submit your Investigational New Drug application. This is made possible through the use of real-time aggregate data obtained from actual sites.

  1. The protocol can be precisely aligned with patients’ medical records from authentic sources in real time.


  1. Both structured (CPT, ICD-10-CM, LOINC, MeSH, RxNorm, and SNOMED CT codes) and unstructured (physician notes, pathology reports, laboratory results, genomic reports, post-operative notes, etc.) data sources can be utilized to gather relevant information.


  1. The protocol can be optimized based on the availability of patients and their medical records.


  1. The impact of each inclusion and exclusion decision on the total population of matched patients can be understood in real time.


  1. Realistic patient recruitment goals can be established.