Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The website, mobile site, application, and/or other services of Global Chief Insights are governed by the User Agreement, regardless of how it is distributed, transmitted or published to its parent, subsidiaries and/or affiliates that link to the User Agreement. This agreement binds all those who access, visit and/or use the service, whether acting as an individual or on behalf of an organization, including you and all persons, entities, or digital engines of any kind that harvest, crawl, index, scrape, spider, or mine digital content by an automated or manual process. It is our sincere request that the party/parties read this User Agreement carefully.

The User Agreement can be accessed at any time from the footer of the Service’s home page or initial screen. The User Agreement comprises of your access, visitation and/or use of the Service, including without limitation any registration on any aspect of the Service. Your access to service depends on your agreement to the terms and conditions of the User Agreement. To stay updated on the User Agreement, keep following this page.

  • Under circumstances of any act proved as violation, breach, failed to follow or act inconsistently with the limitations, rules, regulations, terms and/or conditions that apply to the Service, whether listed in this User Agreement, posted at various points in the Service, or otherwise informed to users of the Service, we may terminate, discontinue, suspend, and/or restrict your account/profile, your ability to access, visit, and/or use the Service or any portion thereof and/or the Agreement. It is applicable without limitation any of our purported obligations hereunder, with or without notice, in addition to our other remedies.
  • Under such circumstances, we can also curtail, restrict, or refuse to provide you with any future access, visitation, and/or use of the Service. The right, along with our other remedies, to take any technical, legal, and/or other action(s) that we deem necessary and/or appropriate, with or without notice, to prevent violations and enforce the Agreement and remediate any purported violations remains with us.
  • The party/parties acknowledge and agree that we have the right hereunder to an injunction without posting a bond to stop or prevent a breach or violation of your obligations under the Agreement. In any circumstance of any conflict or inconsistency between the terms and conditions of this User Agreement, and any rules, restrictions, limitations, terms and/or conditions that may be posted at various points in the Service or otherwise informed to users of the Service, we shall be the sole determiner which rules, restrictions, limitations, terms and/or conditions shall control and prevail in our sole discretion, and you specifically waive any right to challenge or dispute such determination.
  • The party/parties shall note, among other things, the User Agreement is the governing document for all articles, content, photographs, images, graphics, illustrations, copy, artwork, video, trademarks, trade names, service marks, and other brand labels, designs, plans, software, source and object code, algorithms, data, statistics, analysis, formulas, indexes, registries, repositories, and all other text, information, and materials available on or through the Service, whether posted, uploaded, transmitted, sent or otherwise made available by us, our licensors, vendors, and/or service providers, or by you, and/or other users or third parties, including any such Content uploaded manually or bookmarked by you and/or other users.

Refund Policy

We, Global Chief Insights are an established publication and we strictly follow advanced payment policy. Please Note: We do not entertain any cancellation. If the situation demands, tariffs and terms may be amended without notice. A refund of the amount payable to Global Chief Insights for publicity(s) will not exceed the obligation of the Global Chief Insights. For any changes in the content, design, text or the ad material in a continuous contract, the advertiser needs to contact Global Chief Insights at least two weeks before the issue closes.