Eccentex: Transforming Business Automation Through AI-driven Innovation

Pioneering the Revolution of Process Automation for Global Enterprises

Efficiency and agility are critical in the fast-paced commercial sector. To increase productivity and maintain competitiveness, businesses always look for ways to automate routine work and streamline their business processes. 

Enter Eccentex, a trailblazing business that has been revolutionizing the process automation industry with its cutting-edge solutions. The visionary creator and CEO of Eccentex, Alex Stein, is in charge of this technological revolution.

Eccentex’s mission is to offer mid-sized and large-sized enterprises end-to-end process automation solutions that are quick, easy, and simple. For businesses of all sizes, their adaptable subscription plans and cloud-native technologies, which need less IT effort, alter business operations. Because of its commitment to integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into its platform, Eccentex distinguishes out. A fascinating deal that boosts their application development platform with over 20 new AI technologies was just announced. This gives businesses the opportunity to utilize AI’s capabilities and gain a competitive edge.

Over the course of more than a decade of expertise, it has built verticalized solutions for a variety of industries, making them well-suited to address specialized customer needs. Ad hoc and dynamic processes, which demand agile workflows and non-sequential design, are what they excel at supporting. Eccentex’s solution is made to be dynamic and adaptable to the way that modern company processes are continually changing.

Eccentex has made an investment in simple visual builders to aid in the development of solutions. With the help of these simple tools, clients can quickly modify automation workflows, doing away with the need for time-consuming and difficult IT projects. With Eccentex, tasks that used to take months or years can now be completed in a matter of weeks.

Businesses need to embrace automation if they want to succeed in the digital age. By providing solutions to improve productivity, streamline procedures, and accomplish objectives, Eccentex leads this change. Eccentex reshapes the future of business automation one cutting-edge solution at a time with their cloud-native solutions and potent AI capabilities.

Let us further explore their odyssey!

Solving the Most Crucial Pain Points

Eccentex Corporation was founded to offer mid and large-sized companies a seamless way to automate their business processes and create end-to-end process automation solutions. With minimal IT effort, Eccentex provides efficient and quick solutions, built specifically for the cloud and accessible through flexible subscription packages. Recently, they introduced a new offer that allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of their powerful application development platform, which now includes over 20 new Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

With over a decade of experience, Eccentex specializes in developing tailored solutions for companies with diverse use cases and process types. One of their key strengths lies in supporting dynamic and ad hoc processes that require agile workflows and non-sequential designs. These processes rely on elastic workflows, where the outcomes of each step determine the subsequent steps in the procedure. While this complexity may pose challenges for many, Eccentex’s product is designed to be dynamic and agile. Moreover, they have created intuitive visual builders that assist clients in easily and flexibly developing solutions, reducing the time required from months to just weeks when compared to traditional IT projects.

Key Focus Areas

Eccentex is primarily dedicated to automating core business processes that involve both human and hybrid workforce engagements. While many businesses currently utilize bots and conversational AI services for customer service, the majority of the work is still carried out by humans in the back office. For instance, when an individual files an insurance claim, it is typically processed and resolved by back-office personnel. Similarly, when someone needs to be onboarded for a new service from a service provider, additional setups, paperwork, and sequential human activities are necessary. Therefore, Eccentex focuses on automating these processes to enhance the experiences of human agents by implementing meaningful automation that streamlines the entire process, making it effortless and faster.

Empowering Clients to Meet Strategic Business Needs

The HyperAutomation Cloud platform, including the Cloud-Native Automation Toolkit, allows users to easily build, develop, and optimize business applications and processes. By utilizing Eccentex’s visual builders, processes and data models can be dragged and dropped onto a canvas, automatically generating the necessary IT code for process automation. With pre-built vertical use case libraries provided, users can quickly start their process automation without extensive IT skills. 

Additionally, users have the option to add mid-level or deep-level programming elements if needed. This solution enables the creation of processes that are 80% ready for use without any IT code. For more advanced automation, missing codes can be inserted, as the platform supports both scenarios. This significantly reduces the time needed to build a simple case management process, taking only 5 to 10 minutes instead of weeks of development. Furthermore, users can create alternative variations of processes for testing purposes, employing simple A/B testing principles to determine the most effective solution for clients and employees.

Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction

The primary benefit of Eccentex’s solution is its ability to make the customer engagement process faster, more efficient, and less effort-consuming. It supports multiple, even conflicting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) simultaneously. By automating processes in a way that makes sense and is proven to be useful for customers, the system diverts significant traffic from human resources to automation. This not only speeds up processes and lowers costs but also reduces agent and customer frustration while eliminating human error.

However, it is crucial that these integrations and automations be meaningful. If customers do not find value in automated processes or choose not to use them, additional costs may be incurred as they switch to different channels and seek support from human agents. To enhance first contact resolution, average handling time, customer satisfaction metrics, and agent and employee satisfaction scores, Eccentex ensures that its automation always prioritizes the interests of customers while also benefiting businesses and employees.

Exciting New Ventures

On June 15th, Eccentex unveiled the HyperAutomation Cloud, a new product line that aims to carve out a unique market category. This innovative solution integrates the existing features and functionalities of the AppBase platform while introducing new capabilities and integrations. Eccentex is committed to continually enhancing this platform, regularly incorporating new capabilities in line with its strategic roadmap.

Magnificent Quirk

Eccentex’s cloud-native solutions for process automation are widely acclaimed for their mission-critical capabilities, agility, ease of deployment, and global accessibility, making them ideal for businesses of any size.