LaShawn Jimenez: A Beacon of Determination and Inspiration

In the world of finance, leadership is often defined by traits such as determination, confidence, and grace. These qualities are exemplified in the remarkable career of LaShawn Jimenez, a visionary leader at Comerica Bank. As a Vice President and Trust Advisor, she embodies unwavering dedication to providing her clients with the highest level of service, ensuring their financial success.

LaShawn’s impact extends beyond her role at Comerica. She co-chairs Comerica’s African American Business Resource Group, showcasing her commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community engagement. Her leadership has not only earned her respect within the organization but has also resulted in her being named among the Top 10 Charismatic Black Leaders to Watch in 2023.

One of LaShawn’s defining principles is her mantra to “live daily to make a difference.” She firmly believes in embracing one’s uniqueness and authenticity, never shying away from one’s true self. Her journey towards success is characterized by a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth while leaving a lasting impact on the world.

LaShawn’s extensive background in wealth management banking equips her to oversee clients with a net worth of $1 million or more, providing them with the best service from a trusted institution like Comerica Bank. Her commitment to community extends to her volunteer work with organizations like Tutor-Mate, My Brother’s Keeper, The Tarence Wheeler Foundation, and mentorship programs for young children in the metropolitan Detroit area.

At Comerica Bank, she serves as the chair of the Michigan African American Business Resource Group, focused on enhancing customer relations in the African American community and supporting impactful community activities and programs. She is also a leader within the bank’s women’s business resource group.

LaShawn Jimenez’s career is a testament to the transformative power of determination, confidence, and grace. Her unwavering commitment to her clients, her community, and her own personal growth sets her apart as a true leader in the financial industry, leaving an indelible mark on all those she touches.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Motivation for Joining Comerica Bank

LaShawn’s decision to join Comerica Bank was motivated by a clear and self-explanatory reason. Comerica Bank boasts a rich history spanning over a century and a philosophy centered on building strong relationships. This philosophy is driven by a team of exceptional employees who share a common purpose.

Navigating Challenges to Leadership Success

Exceptional leaders are molded by their encounters with adversity, and their capacity to surmount these trials is a testament to their success. Holding the position of Vice President at Comerica Bank, LaShawn Jimenez intimately understands this concept. She has traversed her own demanding path, emerging from each trial with heightened strength, resilience, and self-assuredness in her capabilities. For LaShawn, challenges are not stumbling blocks but stepping stones, offering valuable lessons and an opportunity to showcase one’s innate fortitude and competencies. Her journey exemplifies the profound transformation that comes from bravely confronting challenges head-on.

A Commitment to Relationship-Centered Financial Solutions

In the words of LaShawn, Comerica Bank embodies the essence of a “relationship bank.” The institution boasts a dedicated team of professionals who are wholeheartedly invested in ensuring the success of their valued clients and customers. Committed to delivering nothing short of exceptional customer service, Comerica Bank takes pride in crafting financial solutions that are tailored to address the distinct needs of individuals and businesses alike. Through a collaborative approach with clients, the Comerica Bank team relentlessly strives to empower them, enabling them to not only realize their financial aspirations but also reach the zenith of their potential.

Comerica Bank stands as a formidable financial services company, offering an extensive array of banking, mortgage, investment, and insurance products and services, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of both individuals and businesses. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the bank extends its footprint across multiple states within the United States. At its core, Comerica Bank is deeply committed to serving its customers and communities, endeavoring to provide innovative and personalized financial solutions that are tailor-made to meet their unique requirements. Anchored in unwavering integrity and responsibility, the bank navigates its course guided by a steadfast adherence to its core values.

Pillars of Comerica Bank’s Enduring Culture

Comerica Bank’s foundation rests firmly upon a robust set of guiding principles that epitomize its unwavering commitment to excellence. These principles, collectively known as “One Comerica,” reflect the bank’s resolute dedication to putting the customer at the forefront of every endeavor. Embracing a profound growth mindset, Comerica Bank aspires to achieve “The bigger possible.” Furthermore, as “A Force for Good,” the bank tirelessly endeavors to make a positive and meaningful impact on the communities it serves.

Integrity stands as a cornerstone of Comerica Bank’s dealings, underlined by the principle of “Trust,” which extends to its interactions with both clients and colleagues. The bank’s actions are guided by the imperative to “Act” with unwavering integrity in all circumstances. Finally, Comerica Bank takes full ownership of its responsibilities, signified by the principle of “Own,” thereby ensuring the delivery of exceptional services to its clients and communities.

These values are not merely words but rather the living embodiment of Comerica Bank’s culture, shaping its actions and reaffirming its unwavering commitment to its clients and communities.

Comerica Bank Earns Coveted Recognition

In 2023, Comerica Bank proudly earned esteemed accolades from Newsweek publication, securing its place on the esteemed lists of “America’s Most Responsible Companies” and “America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity.” These remarkable achievements underscore the bank’s unwavering dedication to responsibility and diversity, firmly establishing it as a trailblazer among its industry peers.

A Champion of Diversity, Ethics, and Kindness

LaShawn’s days are anything but monotonous, as she encounters a rich tapestry of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her response to these experiences is unparalleled – she approaches each interaction with a deep respect for the inherent worth of all people and a genuine interest in learning from their perspectives. Her unwavering commitment to ethics, both in her personal and professional life, distinguishes LaShawn as a person of exceptional character.

She emphasizes, “I prioritize honesty and truthfulness, always acknowledging my humanity. If I make a mistake, I own it. Most importantly, I avoid any actions driven by arrogance or personal gain.”

LaShawn firmly believes in mutual respect and encourages others to follow the golden rule, “treat others as you wish to be treated.” She understands that kindness carries no cost, whereas incivility and unkindness can have significant repercussions. LaShawn is a staunch advocate for the positive impact of maintaining an optimistic outlook on one’s life and the lives of those around them.

Building Lasting Relationships Through Authenticity

LaShawn takes immense pride in the positive feedback she receives from her clients. They commend her selflessness, upbeat attitude, and authenticity as their trusted advisor, always available to them. LaShawn doesn’t see her clients as mere business contacts but as individuals with whom she has formed genuine relationships. These testimonials underscore her unwavering commitment to excellence and the profound impact she has on the lives of those she serves.

Paving the Way for Future Leaders

As vice president and trust advisor, LaShawn is on a mission to shape the future of leadership. Her goal is to be a shining example of positive change and to inspire the next generation of leaders to follow in her footsteps. LaShawn firmly believes in Steve Jobs’ wise words, “your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” She offers valuable advice to aspiring leaders, encouraging them to stay true to their beliefs, maintain authenticity, embrace compassion, and seek continuous learning opportunities. Instead of focusing solely on themselves, LaShawn emphasizes the importance of selflessness and the transformative power of being a cheerleader for others. By embodying these qualities, the next generation of leaders can make a positive impact and inspire meaningful change.

Nurturing Trust and Community at Comerica Bank

In her role as Vice President and Trust Advisor at Comerica Bank, LaShawn Jimenez holds a crucial position in delivering exceptional trust services and driving growth within the Wealth Management and Trust division. Her responsibilities involve overseeing clients with a minimum net worth of $1 million, addressing their financial and asset management objectives through personalized interactions. LaShawn collaborates closely with specialists to provide the essential elements for a successful Wealth Management experience while placing a strong emphasis on cultivating positive client relationships to fulfill their unique requirements.

Beyond her role as Vice President and Trust Advisor, LaShawn also serves as the Chair of the African American Business Resource Group (BRG). In this capacity, she actively contributes to enhancing Comerica’s presence within the African American community by fostering valuable relationships. Her leadership within the BRG additionally offers its members opportunities for personal and professional growth, supporting their career advancement journeys.

Inspiring Team Success Through Shared Purpose

Leadership is about instilling purpose within your team, cultivating a shared vision, and motivating them to work collectively towards common objectives. Yet, this can be particularly challenging when facing setbacks or uncertain circumstances. Drawing from her wealth of experience, LaShawn Jimenez excels in this regard. She understands the importance of keeping her team motivated and relies on several key strategies.

First and foremost, she emphasizes the value of teamwork, fostering a sense of unity among her team members. LaShawn promotes a positive outlook, setting a precedent for her team to follow. What truly sets her apart is her willingness to lead by example, never asking her team to undertake tasks she wouldn’t tackle herself.

Moreover, LaShawn’s leadership extends to recognizing the individual worth of her team members. She actively listens to their input and displays empathy, reinforcing that she values them as individuals rather than just employees. By adopting these approaches, she ensures her team remains focused, engaged, and inspired to achieve their collective goals. 

In her words, “By showing them that we are a team, remain positive and work together, doesn’t ask anything of them that I am not willing to do myself, let me know that I hear them and see them as a person, not just an employee or a member of my team.”

Navigating the Future of Comerica Bank with Purpose

LaShawn Jimenez takes immense pride in Comerica Bank’s achievements and eagerly anticipates the road ahead. She acknowledges the strong foundation already in place and firmly believes that the CEO’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion will be instrumental in the bank’s ongoing positive impact on its customers, colleagues, and communities.

Aligned with Comerica Bank’s core identity as a relationship-focused institution, Jimenez emphasizes the importance of staying true to their origins and ensuring that customer needs remain at the forefront of all decision-making processes. With these guiding principles shaping the bank’s future, she is confident that Comerica Bank will continue to empower individuals to thrive.

Balancing Work, Life, and Faith

In her role as Vice President/Trust Advisor at Comerica Bank, LaShawn Jimenez manages a demanding and fast-paced professional life, interacting with numerous individuals daily. Finding the delicate balance between work and personal life requires conscious choices and dedicated effort. To achieve this balance, LaShawn has embraced daily rituals that help her relax and cultivate a clear and peaceful state of mind.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, she prioritizes activities that bring her joy and fulfillment. However, at the core of her resilience and success lies her unwavering faith in God. LaShawn lives by the wisdom of Proverbs 3:6, which emphasizes trusting in the Lord with all one’s heart and acknowledging His presence in all aspects of life. This guiding principle helps her stay focused on what truly matters and enables her to practice self-care, ensuring she remains refreshed and recharged.

Inspiring Future Business Leaders

LaShawn Jimenez draws inspiration from the words of Harriet Tubman, who reminds us that “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” To aspiring business leaders, she offers valuable advice, encouraging them to stay true, committed, and prepared on their journey to success. LaShawn emphasizes the importance of remaining authentic and dedicated to one’s purpose. She also highlights the value of active listening, setting clear goals, and being open to learning and growth throughout their careers. Her wisdom serves as a beacon for future business leaders, inspiring them to reach for the stars and change the world.