Marty Keiser: Pioneering a Bio Revolution for Better Healthcare

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical advancements, bio-innovation stands as a powerful force, driving transformative changes in healthcare and offering new avenues for better lives. Rooted in the intersection of biology and technology, bio-innovation encompasses a wide spectrum of cutting-edge research, breakthrough therapies, and revolutionary solutions that have the potential to reshape the future of medicine.

One man stands out as a beacon of creativity, compassion, and innovation. Marty Keiser, Founder and CEO of IV BioHoldings (IVBH), is not your typical business leader. Rooted in family, faith, and unwavering love for people, Marty’s journey from a blue-collar upbringing to a bio-innovation pioneer is nothing short of remarkable.

Hailing from Fairfield, Connecticut, Marty’s early years were shaped by the values of hard work, determination, and a thirst for knowledge. After a fulfilling decade-long career on Wall Street, he took a leap of faith in 2018, venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. His vision was clear – to ride the early waves of a biorevolution that could change the face of healthcare.

IVBH stands as a testament to Marty’s visionary spirit. A bioinnovation studio like no other, IVBH conceives, creates, and develops first-in-category bio-platform companies that aim to revolutionize disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment. The company’s foundation lies in speed, efficiency, and effective risk management, all enabled by advanced data science, exponential technologies, powerful partnerships, and a wealth of multi-disciplinary expertise accumulated over 60 years.

Under Marty’s astute leadership, IVBH has founded three biotech startups, each with a mission to address critical medical challenges. Liquid Lung focuses on pulmonary disease, HepGene targets metabolic disease; and Mammogen is dedicated to women’s health. These biotech startups form the bedrock of IVBH’s ecosystem, characterized by first-in-class, non-invasive, patented, and patent-pending clinical-stage diagnostic tests that cater to urgent unmet clinical needs in lung cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and breast cancer.

Driving IVBH’s success forward is a partnership that exemplifies synergy and dedication. Marty is joined by his esteemed partner, Elizabeth Cormier-May, a seasoned medicinal chemist and diagnostics industry veteran. As the SVP and Chief Commercial Officer of IVBH, as well as the CEO of Mammogen, Elizabeth brings her extensive experience, passion, and business acumen to the fore. Together, they form a formidable team, combining diverse backgrounds, networks, and complementary skillsets, ensuring the success of the entire IVBH platform.

At the heart of IVBH’s mission is a dedication to transforming healthcare through groundbreaking innovation. Marty and his team are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that address crucial clinical needs, providing patients with non-invasive, precise, and early diagnostic tools that can make a life-changing difference.

Let us delve deeper into his journey!

Pioneering Entrepreneurship with Vision and Tenacity

Marty Keiser’s journey into entrepreneurship is a testament to his optimistic outlook, persistence, resourcefulness, and strong work ethic. Driven by personal frustration and a vision for better solutions, he embraced entrepreneurship with an “If not me, then who” and “If not now, then when” calling. But before taking the leap, Marty’s meticulous nature led him to conduct extensive research from 2016 to 2018, carefully analyzing the potential challenges that lay ahead.

Armed with knowledge and foresight, Marty reimagined every aspect of the business, reinventing it to address potential obstacles proactively. This thorough planning paved the way for a unique approach at IVBH. The company centralizes key executive and operational functions at the studio, leading to a low burn rate across company creations and allowing for shared knowledge and resources. This strategy created a “Rising tide” effect across the entire ecosystem, contributing to their remarkable success.

Marty humorously points out that IVBH had already embraced a virtual model before it became a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This adaptability, along with their strategic planning, proved advantageous during challenging times, setting them apart from struggling competitors.

Reflecting on his journey, Marty emphasized that entrepreneurship is rarely a linear path. However, the careful planning and preparation on the front end helped him avoid common challenges faced by first-time entrepreneurs. Not only did this approach contribute to IVBH’s success, but it also led to the creation of entirely new models, processes, and proprietary know-how, adding significant value to the entire IVBH platform and placing them in a class of their own.

Driving Transformative Change

Marty’s mission in life is nothing short of transformative—to revolutionize the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. His visionary approach at IVBH has culminated in a collective of technologies poised to positively impact the lives of over 200 million Americans and over 1 billion people globally. Yet, despite the scale of this impact, he remains laser-focused on the individual—the first life that will be saved through IVBH’s innovations. He recognizes that each life saved is a crucial step toward achieving their grand vision for humanity.

From the outset, Marty’s focus on leveraging data and technology to streamline research and development was paramount. However, he soon realized that the value of a great team cannot be underestimated. Acknowledging the significant role a skilled and cohesive team plays in reducing risks and accelerating growth, he highlights the importance of collaboration and empowers his team to drive results.

As a leader, Marty’s style encompasses a blend of authoritative, democratic, and affiliative approaches. This versatile leadership style enables him to adapt to different situations, inspire his team, and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration.

For Marty, the journey of entrepreneurship has been filled with challenges and risks. However, the prospect of bringing about once-in-a-century changes in healthcare, unlocking new scientific and technical insights into life-threatening diseases, and positively impacting the lives of millions has been a risk worth taking. The profound reward of making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities fuels his passion and dedication to driving IVBH’s mission forward.

Igniting Creativity 

Marty Keiser’s bold entry into the healthcare industry was fueled by the realization that significant change was lacking. He recognized that incremental improvements were insufficient to address the pressing challenges faced by patients and healthcare providers. Instead, he set out to create exponential change, and this philosophy became the driving force behind IVBH’s mission: Detect earlier. Diagnose easier. Treat more precisely.

To achieve this ambitious vision, Marty knew that challenging the status quo was imperative. The healthcare industry, steeped in tradition, needed a fresh perspective and bold creativity to pave the way for transformative solutions. At IVBH, creativity and imagination are not just encouraged; they are celebrated and ingrained into the very fabric of the organization. The diversity of thought, experience, and perspective is embraced, recognizing that it is the key to unlocking innovative breakthroughs.

One fascinating exercise that the team practices at IVBH exemplifies this commitment to creativity. They actively examine products, services, processes, and protocols that are universally accepted as the best. Then, they identify any shortcomings or problems and unleash their creativity to envision how these elements can be reinvented, recreated, or rewritten to make them better. This exercise reflects the philosophy that improvement based on their high standards will likely translate into meaningful advancements for everyone.

Embracing a culture of continuous innovation and imaginative thinking, IVBH sets itself apart as a truly transformative force in the healthcare landscape. By challenging conventions, fostering creativity, and pursuing groundbreaking solutions, IVBH aims to create profound change, making a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals worldwide. Marty Keiser’s visionary leadership has sparked a wave of creativity, igniting a movement that promises to reshape healthcare for the better.

“I am proud of the team and partners that I have assembled, collectively working towards the common objective of radically improving the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, driven by an unwavering ‘patient first’ approach to every single decision that we make,” emphasized Marty.  

Navigating the Path to Organizational Success

The most crucial decision a CEO must make is to strike a balance between near-term decisions and long-term objectives. Ensuring that short-term actions align with the organization’s long-term vision is a unique skill that propels the idea and the business forward in the right direction. This approach involves careful consideration of both immediate challenges and broader strategic goals, enabling sustainable growth and success. By maintaining harmony between short- and long-term perspectives, a CEO can steer the organization toward its desired future while effectively addressing present needs.

  • Trust your gut.
  • Do what you’re BEST at and hire the rest
  • Make decisions with 70-80% of the information available to you, wait for more, and you’ll miss the opportunity.
  • If you’re not sure if you’re a leader, you’re probably not a leader – this isn’t for everyone.

Communicating core values consistently and comprehensively is essential for any organization. From top-level executives to front-line employees, everyone should be aware of and embrace these values. Particularly during challenging and high-stress situations or when facing critical decisions, core values serve as guiding principles that help steer the organization in the right direction. When core values are deeply ingrained in the fabric of the organization, decision-making becomes more straightforward, even in difficult circumstances. A strong foundation of core values fosters a cohesive and unified approach to navigating challenges and pursuing the organization’s long-term goals, no matter the outcome.

Words of Wisdom

“People are the most precious resource in life and business. Take time to cherish and nurture deep interpersonal relationships. Look for the best in people. Look for ways to bring out the best in them. Follow this advice and you’ll gain more than you ever could have dreamed.”