Meredith Cochran: Nourishing Lives and Building Empires, One Meal at a Time

Food isn’t just a necessity; it’s a lifeline, a source of joy, and a pathway to a healthier, happier existence. For Meredith Cochran, founder and CEO of The Shareable Life, food is not merely sustenance—it’s a calling, a lifelong passion that has shaped her journey in unexpected ways.

Meredith’s love affair with food began in the embrace of her childhood. Her fascination with the culinary arts only deepened with time, evolving into a profound passion that would set her on an extraordinary path. Her relationship with food is not just about taste; it’s about the transformative power it holds to create a better life for all.

The roots of Meredith’s culinary journey might seem unusual. She kick started her career in the electrophysiology department of a local hospital, a world seemingly distant from the world of gastronomy. However, Meredith was a visionary, a woman who always thought outside the box. She recognized the importance of wholesome, nutrient-rich food and its impact on overall well-being.

In those early days, Meredith took it upon herself to prepare nourishing meals not only for herself but for her co-workers as well. The goal was clear—to avoid the pitfalls of overly processed, unhealthy foods that often plagued the workplace. Her colleagues soon became beneficiaries of her culinary prowess, savoring dishes crafted with love and care.

Meredith’s journey took a pivotal turn when her passion for food intertwined with her deep-seated belief in preventive health and the healing properties of food. She embarked on a quest to expand her knowledge, delving into the realms of traditional Chinese medicine and herbology. Her goal was to harness the power of food as medicine, creating a vehicle for individuals to access healing and nutrient-rich culinary offerings.

The result of her unwavering dedication was the birth of The Osso Good Co., a testament to her commitment to nourishing lives and transforming health outcomes. With her vision and hard work, the business flourished, reaching millions in revenue, and becoming a beacon of hope for those seeking wholesome, healing foods.

But for Meredith, success was not a destination; it was a beginning. Her passion for food, combined with a desire to share her journey, birthed a new endeavor—The Shareable Life. It was a natural evolution of her mission, a way to empower like-minded businesses, and create a network that echoed her belief in the transformative potential of food.

Meredith Cochran’s story is one of remarkable transformation, fueled by an unshakable commitment to the power of food to change lives. It’s an inspirational narrative of how one woman’s love for food became a vehicle for healing and prosperity, and a tool for others to follow suit.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Bridging Brands and Values

At the helm of The Shareable Life, Meredith champions a unique mission — connecting top-tier brands with fresh audiences to cultivate genuine conversations, spur user-generated content (UGC), build unstoppable momentum, and trace tangible sales. Her services encompass a carefully curated list of influencers, from the movers and shakers to athletes, physicians, and content creators, each positioned to introduce brands and their products. They, in turn, share their experiences with their audiences, wielding considerable influence, while the brands capitalize on the UGC to fuel their own platforms. The end result? A collective victory, driven by the sales generated from these influencer posts via traceable links.

Yet, like any founder, Meredith has encountered numerous obstacles on her path to business success. Her wisdom in navigating these challenges is clear: “The key is to focus on what you can control and to stay true to your mission and values. Although this certainly sounds simpler than it is, it’s about rising even stronger than before.”

Integrity forms the bedrock of The Shareable Life, a principle Meredith upholds diligently in every action. She elucidates, “The Shareable Life stands out because I only represent the brands I genuinely believe in. Together, we work as a united team to cultivate authentic conversations and yield results. I’m in a perpetual state of innovation and evolution, striving to provide the highest quality products and services.” 

Meredith’s approach to competition is equally inspiring. She perceives it as a driving force for positive change, a catalyst for creating a better world where people have access to top-notch food, service, and an improved quality of life. In Meredith’s world, values, innovation, and competition converge to propel her vision and her business forward.

Quest for Healthy Eating 

America’s food history has seen a long-standing trend of artificial ingredients and heavily processed manufacturing, often leaving consumers with products severely lacking in nutrients. While these practices may have padded the pockets of executives, they exposed people to a heightened risk of modern-day diseases, including diabetes and obesity. Raising awareness about ingredient labels and manufacturing processes is crucial in the journey towards optimum health. Meredith’s mission, at its core, is to guide individuals in discovering the right foods to enhance overall health and extend longevity.

Throughout The Osso Good Co.’s existence, Meredith has steadfastly upheld her commitment to produce every batch of bone broth in small quantities, simmering it slowly to preserve the maximum nutritional value and product integrity. Her relentless dedication has always been to source the finest ingredients from the most reputable suppliers and elevate them beyond the standards of homemade.

“As we focus on the highest quality ingredients from the most reliable sources and produce with integrity, just as our grandmothers did,” Meredith asserts, “we can finally rekindle our satisfaction with packaged food.” The Shareable Life, in turn, plays a vital role in helping these companies reach new audiences, fostering a movement towards food made with integrity and the high-quality standards we all seek for our own families and ourselves.

Meredith’s unwavering commitment to healthy eating and The Shareable Life’s mission to bring these companies to the forefront are critical steps in reshaping America’s relationship with food, paving the way for a brighter and more health-conscious future.

The Power of Authentic Influence

As the future unfolds for Shareable, it appears remarkably bright, and Meredith’s vision is firmly fixed on the importance of reaching the right audiences to stimulate authentic conversations about the best brands within the industry. She ardently believes in the innate ability of every individual to influence others, and for her, the most potent form of advertising is the age-old “word of mouth.”

In this digital age, Meredith envisions today’s digital experiences as the gateway to enhancing brand awareness for various companies. Her passion for facilitating these conversations has driven her career in the food industry. For Meredith, the very first day she set foot in the food industry marked the moment she realized there had to be something better and that she could extend that betterment to others.

Her most significant achievement throughout her career has been her unwavering commitment to preserving and delivering each product and service with the same unwavering integrity every single day. This steadfast dedication to excellence and authenticity continues to illuminate the path ahead for Shareable, as they work to shape the future of the industry and foster genuine, influential conversations around the best brands.

Vision, Integrity, and Embracing Life’s Realities

Becoming a CEO is an immensely pivotal and weighty role, and Meredith wears this mantle with earnestness. She defines herself as an earnest human being, signifying a serious and zealous commitment to her intentions, a clear sense of purpose, and an unwavering readiness to exert the necessary effort. In her words, “The most crucial role I fulfill as CEO is my ability to establish and uphold the vision and values of the business with every decision we make.” It is her duty to ensure that integrity remains at the core of everything the company undertakes, a commitment she’s proud to say she’s never compromised on.

Meredith dispels the notion of balance as a mythical ideal, urging everyone to accept the reality that there’s never ample time to “do it all.” She views balance as akin to tight ropes and seesaws, perpetually shifting and demanding continuous adaptation. “The moment balance is achieved, it is instantly altered, and we have to chase it all over again,” she reflects. Her approach is to maintain the appearance of balance by acknowledging this reality and consistently working towards her goals.

Meredith envisions The Shareable Life’s future as firmly centered on aiding the best brands in the industry to connect with new customers in an authentic manner. In the digital landscape of today’s internet, global expansion has never been more accessible. Thus, the company is primed to undertake the task of establishing brand presence for other companies on a global scale, ensuring a path of growth and opportunity for the foreseeable future.