Nancy J. Lewis: Empowering Organizations for Success through Transformational Leadership

Leveraging Generations, Talent, and Human Potential to Create Positive Impact!

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, where adaptability and transformation are paramount, Nancy J. Lewis stands as a guiding light for organizations seeking to unlock their true potential. As the Owner and CEO of Progressive Techniques Inc., Nancy has cultivated a reputation as a transformational management and leadership development trainer and strategist, igniting positive change within organizations and empowering individuals to tap into their greatness.

With a passion for helping employees harness their inherent power and brilliance, Nancy has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way organizations approach talent, generations, and processes to achieve a positive impact on their bottom line. At Progressive Techniques, Inc., she leads a premier leadership and professional development training company, offering cutting-edge seminars that delve into crucial topics such as diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, leadership, emotional intelligence, professional development, and human resources.

The driving force behind Progressive Techniques, Inc. is rooted powerfully: to bring JOY to the workplace. Nancy and her team of dedicated professionals are committed to delivering on their promise of making leaders better, guaranteed. From Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, nonprofits, and academia, organizations of all sizes and industries have benefited from Nancy’s expertise.

As a former Human Resources professional and Dale Carnegie Instructor, Nancy’s deep knowledge and extensive certifications ensure that her insights remain relevant, relatable, and actionable in a world of constant change. Her comprehensive approach goes beyond mere training; it fosters a cultural transformation, where integrity, courageous leadership, teamwork, confident communication, and personal accountability become ingrained values.

Progressive Techniques, Inc. is not just another training company; it is a beacon of positivity and progress. By exemplifying the core values that define the organization, Nancy’s team leads by example, inspiring clients to embrace a culture of growth and fulfillment.

As a visionary leader, Nancy J. Lewis has become a driving force behind meaningful change in the workplace. Through her transformative programs, she empowers individuals to embrace their unique abilities and contribute to the success of their organizations. With a commitment to making a difference, Nancy’s work extends beyond profits; it touches the lives of countless employees, creating workplaces that thrive on joy, productivity, and inclusive leadership.

Below are the highlights of the interview!

Nancy’s Gift of Encouragement

Nancy possessed a remarkable ability to make others feel valued and significant, engaging them in heartfelt and authentic conversations. Having experienced ineffective leadership in the past, she was determined to ensure that everyone she encountered felt like a vital part of the business. Colleagues, staff, and those she coached often commented that she had been blessed with the gift of encouragement and the energy to ignite the hidden talents within them.

While working full-time, Nancy started providing training and consulting services to businesses, even utilizing her vacation days to do so. Eventually, a golden opportunity arose, leading her to take a leap of faith and embark on her entrepreneurial journey.

Among her numerous achievements, Nancy’s most cherished award came during her time teaching a Dale Carnegie class. As the course reached its conclusion, she was moved to the center of the room, and a heartwarming procession began. Over 30 people walked down the aisle, each holding a rose and sharing how Nancy had positively impacted their lives and the transformative effect the course had on them. The experience left Nancy in tears, feeling immensely blessed that she could play a role in changing others’ lives, and grateful that they took the time to share their gratitude.

Nancy’s journey has been filled with faith, determination, and the profound impact she has made on countless lives. Her unique gift of encouragement and genuine connection continues to inspire and uplift those she encounters, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change and transformation.

Nancy’s Faith-Fueled Journey

Nancy’s journey into the world of training and consulting was guided by a deep sense of faith and a remarkable gift she possessed. Customers who witnessed her dynamic energy and the sparkle in her eye during corporate training often asked why she wasn’t doing it full-time. Nancy’s response was clear – she was waiting for God to signal the right time and open the doors for her to step into this new venture wholeheartedly.

Being in front of people and igniting enthusiasm in others brought her immense joy. The contagious energy she radiated when leading groups became her signature style, empowering and engaging everyone she interacted with. She humbly attributes this gift to God and acknowledges the divine hand that guides her interactions.

Nancy’s path into this industry was further affirmed when she taught Dale Carnegie courses as an adjunct instructor. Consistently receiving praise for her unique and special ability to connect with people, she honed her presentation skills and fell in love with the experience. Her work with Dale Carnegie and corporate America allowed her to delve deeper into this fulfilling profession, and when the opportune moment arrived, she embraced the calling with faith and determination.

Driven by her unwavering belief in God’s guidance and her unparalleled ability to connect with others, Nancy embarked on a journey that would leave a lasting impact on countless lives. Each day, she walks through doors opened by faith, sharing her gift with the world and empowering others to discover their potential.

Path to Progressive Techniques

Before founding Progressive Techniques, Inc., Nancy’s life was characterized by a diverse array of professions and roles. With a bachelor’s degree in healthcare, she started her career as a Medical Technologist specializing in blood research, contributing to the healthcare industry in various capacities. Additionally, she took on the role of adjunct instructor for Dale Carnegie, passionately teaching their courses in the evenings and sometimes during her vacation days.

Her career path took a turn toward Human Resources when she became the HR Manager for Northwest Air Lines, Inc. In this demanding role, she single-handedly managed the HR responsibilities of over a thousand workers. Simultaneously, she took on another role as an adjunct professor at Georgia State University, imparting her knowledge to undergraduate students in a human resources course. These experiences provided invaluable growth opportunities and laid the groundwork for her future in business.

Throughout her journey, Nancy felt blessed by the unwavering support of her family and friends. Her willingness to embrace new challenges and a thirst for continuous learning became the driving forces behind her personal and professional development.

As the founder of Progressive Techniques, Inc., Nancy’s diverse background and multifaceted skill set have played a pivotal role in the success of her business. Her belief in the importance of staying proactive and innovative, and constantly seeking fresh approaches to drive organizational growth, remains at the core of her leadership philosophy. Nancy’s journey exemplifies the power of versatility and the significance of embracing lifelong learning on the path to success.

Navigating Dynamic Days

At Progressive Techniques, Inc., Nancy’s responsibilities revolve around embodying the organization’s vision for exceptional client service. Her focus is on creating an environment where clients not only return but enthusiastically refer others due to the firm’s outstanding service. As a key leader, Nancy plays a pivotal role in developing marketing strategies and expanding the company’s reach. Additionally, she takes charge of designing, developing, and delivering vibrant, content-rich workshops that are personalized to meet clients’ needs. Moreover, Nancy offers executive and business coaching to CEOs and their leadership teams.

Each day at Progressive Techniques is filled with variety and excitement, as Nancy’s tasks range from conducting Zoom workshops with customers to facilitating intensive all-day coaching sessions for her clients. When she’s not engaged in these activities, Nancy collaborates with her colleagues to explore new partnerships and collaborations that can enhance their businesses’ capacity.

As Nancy emphasizes, there is never a dull moment at Progressive Techniques. The team is always on the lookout for ways to evolve, pivot, and grow. The outbreak of the pandemic presented a unique challenge, but the company’s resilience and adaptability shone through as they navigated through the uncertain times with ingenuity and determination. Nancy’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in guiding the company toward new opportunities for growth and success.

Learning to Prioritize

For Nancy, the decision to strike a balance between her personal and professional life was not a choice she made lightly. She realized the impact it could have on her relationships, especially within her marriage. In the early days of founding and leading her company, Progressive Techniques, Inc., Nancy found it challenging to maintain equilibrium between her roles. As the founder and leader, the business seemed to demand her attention constantly.

Through experience and introspection, Nancy came to understand the importance of setting boundaries to preserve her relationships and well-being. Balancing her business and personal life became a necessary skill she had to develop. She shares, “Your business takes a life of its own when you have been the founder and leader of the company.”

Learning from the struggles she faced, Nancy now recognizes the value of taking breaks and delegating tasks to her capable team members. Delegation allows her to focus on her areas of expertise while granting others the opportunity to contribute their unique talents. Moreover, she learned the power of saying “NO” without the need for elaborate explanations.

Understanding the importance of self-care, Nancy now takes time for herself when needed. She acknowledges that a well-nurtured self is better equipped to care for others. Recognizing the significance of refreshing and renewing her spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, Nancy ensures she dedicates time to replenish her inner reserves.

Nancy’s journey to balance has been transformative, and her newfound ability to prioritize personal well-being has positively impacted her professional success and relationships. By setting boundaries and embracing self-care, Nancy has discovered a harmonious blend of personal and professional fulfillment.

Embracing Purpose and Gratitude

For Nancy, success is a profound sense of gratitude towards God for the unique gifts bestowed upon her, enabling her to fulfill her life’s purpose and earn a living while doing so. Each day, she wakes up with a heart filled with appreciation for the opportunity to live out her mission and empower others to unlock their full potential.

In Nancy’s view, success is not solely about personal achievements but also about acknowledging the significant role played by family, friends, and coworkers. They serve as the best cheerleaders, offering support and encouragement, while also providing constructive criticism when necessary to aid in personal growth and improvement.

For Nancy, success is a way of living life with an attitude of gratitude and joy. She believes that by touching lives and sprinkling them with positivity and inspiration, she can make a meaningful impact. Embracing her gifts as a Marketplace Evangelist, she embodies success by utilizing her unique talents to uplift and inspire others.

Ultimately, success, to Nancy, is a journey of purpose, gratitude, and touching lives with the goodness and joy she carries within her heart.

Embracing Growth and Expansion

Nancy envisions a promising future for Progressive Techniques, Inc. as she strives to continue its growth and success. One of her primary goals is to expand the company by hiring additional employees and contracting trainers to reach out to their amazing clientele and promote their services further. With a focus on enhancing the Leadership Development Academy, hiring more contract trainers, and increasing capacity, the company aims to offer even more comprehensive training and support to its valued clients.

Looking ahead, Nancy has set her sights on additional objectives for the future. She plans to delve into executive and business coaching, helping individuals and organizations realize their full potential. Furthermore, she aspires to develop new publications that can further contribute to the enrichment and growth of others.

Additionally, Nancy is eager to expand the reach of her television program, “Conversations with Nancy J.,” reaching a nationwide audience and offering insightful discussions to inspire and empower even more viewers.

With a strong belief in divine guidance and gratitude towards God for their success, Nancy and the entire team at Progressive Techniques, Inc. are embracing the bright future ahead with excitement and dedication.