Pierre-Antoine Capton Honored at Cannes with Variety’s International Visionary Award

An Impressive Gathering of Film Industry Luminaries

Reflecting the breadth of Mediawan CEO Pierre-Antoine Capton’s vast network and friendships, an impressive roster of film industry players gathered to celebrate him as he received Variety’s International Visionary Award at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday.

Among the distinguished attendees were CAA’s co-chairman and CEO Bryan Lourd, AGC Studios’ Stuart Ford, Sony Pictures Classics’ Tom Bernard, Netflix’s Larry Tanz and Pauline Dauvin, and various Mediawan executives including Elisabeth d’Arvieu and Justine Planchon. The event also brought together star producers from within Mediawan’s expansive network, such as Hugo Selignac (Chi-Fou-Mi), Dimitri Rassam (Chapter 2), Matthias Weber (2425 Films), and Federica Sainte-Rose (Blue Morning Pictures). Leaders from various streaming platforms were also present, including Sahar Baghery and Thomas Dubois from Amazon Prime Video in France and Anne-Gabrielle Dauba-Pantanacce from Netflix.

Mediawan’s Strategic Acquisitions and Expansion

The award comes at a busy time for Mediawan, which recently acquired German production-distribution company Leonine Group and a stake in Brad Pitt’s production

company, Plan B. These strategic moves have significantly boosted Mediawan’s valuation to over €2 billion ($2.1 billion) and its estimated annual revenue to $1.3 billion, with the company now overseeing more than 80 production labels worldwide.

Capton’s Vision and Mediawan’s Founding

Upon receiving the International Visionary Award, Capton reflected on the origins of Mediawan, which he co-founded with Xavier Niel and Mathieu Pigasse approximately a

decade ago. Capton shared that they foresaw a growing global demand for content but could not have predicted the immense scale it has reached. Capton, who began his career as an independent producer and launched Troisième Œil Productions in 2001, emphasized the potential he and his partners saw in France’s rich cultural heritage. They believed that France, known for its luxury brands like Chanel and Dior, renowned playwrights like Florian Zeller,

and prestigious animation schools like Les Gobelins, could similarly excel in content creation across various media formats.

Mediawan’s Diverse Portfolio

Mediawan’s portfolio includes some of the biggest intellectual properties, such as

Miraculous Ladybug,” “Call My Agent,” “3 Body Problem” (which has been renewed for a second season by Netflix), “HIP,” and “Rhythm & Flow.” These successes highlight Mediawan’s ability to bring together top talent across animation, documentaries, TV series, and cinema to produce high-quality content.

Expansion into the U.S. Market

The acquisition of Plan B in December 2022 marked a significant milestone in Mediawan’s international expansion, establishing a firm presence in the U.S. Capton recalled initial skepticism surrounding the deal but credited Mediawan’s talented teams and strategic vision for its success. “It’s fantastic to have Brad Pitt on board with Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner as partners to work on ambitious movies and series, proving that we can create impactful content in the U.S. market as well,” Capton said.

Acknowledgments and Reflections

Capton also expressed his gratitude towards Bryan Lourd, describing him as a key figure in Hollywood and a guiding friend throughout his journey. Lourd, who joined Capton on stage, praised Capton’s energy and commitment to independent production. He noted that in an era dominated by large corporations, Capton’s focus on individual creativity and storytelling sets Mediawan apart.

Lourd highlighted Mediawan’s dedication to producing meaningful content, emphasizing that the company’s success is built on its visionary leadership and strategic backing.

“Pierre-Antoine had the foresight to assemble a team of smart and financially astute backers, ensuring Mediawan’s stability and long-term vision in the entertainment industry,” Lourd said.

Mediawan’s Presence at Cannes

Mediawan has a strong presence at the Cannes Film Festival, with six productions premiering at the event. These include Gilles Lellouche’s “Beating Hearts” (produced by Selignac and Alain Attal) and Kirill Serebrennikov’s “Limonov: The Ballad” (produced by Rassam), both competing for the Palme d’Or. Additionally, Mediawan boasts Cannes’ opening night film

“The Second Act,” the out-of-competition title “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and the feature debut “Le Royaume,” which screens in the Un Certain Regard section. Leonardo Van Dijl’s Critics Week title “Julie Keeps Quiet,” executive produced by Blue Morning Pictures, also

features prominently, highlighting Mediawan’s diverse and influential slate of projects.

Looking Forward

As Mediawan continues to expand and innovate, Capton’s leadership and vision remain central to the company’s success. The recognition from Variety at Cannes not only celebrates Capton’s achievements but also underscores Mediawan’s growing influence in the global entertainment industry. With a strong foundation and ambitious plans for the future, Mediawan is poised to continue shaping the landscape of international media and content production.