RoboCraft by MIT CSAIL researchers can shape letters using Play-Doh.

The day is not far in the future when robots will be able to do all the work a human being can do. Human beings by researching and developing are making robots that can even work beyond the order given. They are making artificial intelligence capable enough to make decisions on their own and sometimes relax like children on their own. Nowadays human children are not the only ones to play with Play-Doh but robots can also do that.

According to a report by Engadget, “MIT CSAIL researchers have created a system, RoboCraft, that teaches robots how to work with the kid-friendly goo. The platform first takes the image of a shape (in this case, a letter of the alphabet) and reinterprets it as a cluster of interlocking particles. The bot then uses a physics-oriented neural network to predict how its two “fingers” can manipulate those spheres to match the desired outcome. A predictive algorithm helps the machine plan its actions.”


Play-Doh are Better than human


The best thing is that the system doesn’t take much time to complete the task. Within 10 minutes it can learn to make the shapes with Play-Doh. In some cases, the robot hand can do it better than human beings. A task like this one being performed by a robot is a big development in the field. The thing that makes people think about this is it can play with soft material whereas robots frequently struggle with soft objects. Robots are basically efficient in handling farm shapes.


Future plans of CSAIL scientists


In future, the CSAIL scientists are planning to make Kitchen Robots that can be used for preparing foods. Other technologies are being planned which can be enabled to do other works except for kitchen stuff, for example, artistic automatons might create pottery, and help the elderly and people with mobility issues by taking over household duties that require subtle motor skills.