Why was Spotify Publisher Down in the Recent Time?

Spotify Publisher down

Spotify Publisher down has been hitting the headlines. Due to an expired security certificate, Spotify’s podcast hosting service went down on recently. The users who went to download their favorite podcasts faced an unwanted error and were unable to access shows hosted on Spotify’s Megaphone platform on Monday night and during the early hours of Tuesday. The issue, however, was resolved by the following morning.


Spotify Publisher Down


Megaphone experienced a platform outage due to an issue related to our SSL certificate,” a Spotify spokesperson told NPR, “During the outage, clients were unable to access the Megaphone CMS and podcast listeners were unable to download podcast episodes from Megaphone-hosted publishers. Megaphone service has since been restored.”. And because of this mishap, all the shows hosted on Megaphone were not available for several hours.

The worst thing about the Spotify Publisher down is that this could have been avoided. The outage lasted for almost nine hours and a few even resorted to Twitter to express their frustration. There is a need of a valid SSL certificate for the creation of a secure connection between a server and a browser or app. Megaphone’s security certificate lapsed at around 8PM ET on Monday night and the service didn’t come back online until just before 6AM this morning. Even after this, it took quite some more time to completely restore the services.


Not just Spotify


Megaphone is a crucial component of Spotify’s podcast ambitions that possesses more than 20,000 publishers and advertisers that actively use the platform. Due to the mishap yesterday, the Joe Rogan Experience and other Spotify-owned podcasts were among the affected shows.

Though it was unfortunate that the renewal of the certificate was neglected, but the users have been able to access the shows now that they had missed or were unable to download overnight because of the slip up. Not only Spotify but back in 2020, Microsoft teams had to deal with such an issue due to the negligence of renewal of SSL certificate.