Syncing between Android phones and Chromebooks are easy with Chrome 103

Google released Chrome 103, an updated version of the old chrome we used to use. The best thing about this is that in order to make it easier to sync Android and Chromebook devices, Google is attempting to solve the syncing issues that users have had with Google’s devices for years, starting with Phone Hub.


The new update of Chrome 103


Google’s Chrome 103 have simplified syncing. The way how one sees the photos taken on your Android device will show up on your other Google devices, such as Chromebooks and tablets, as long as you’re signed in to the same account, will change for good.

The nearby share will allow you to share the passwords with another Chromebook or smartphone like the Pixel 6 for example. It will enable them to connect to the network in an instant.

The features that Google is introducing have been available in Apple since years. Finally Google has also felt the need for interactive easy sharing stuff between devices of the same platform. Earlier Google Chrome was already better than Microsoft Edge with some better features like, better support for extensions, better search engine experience, compatibility with Chrome OS, better account syncing experience and better Autofill support. Now Google will be competing with Apple’s Safari too.


Google’s future plans


Speaking of Chrome 103, Engadget says, “Google said it will roll out more features to make Chromebooks and Android devices play more nicely with each other later this year. The company is looking to take a page out of Apple’s playbook with updates like these. Apple has long offered deep integration between its devices, including features such as WiFi password sharing and iCloud photo syncing, which helps it get people more invested in its ecosystem.”


Added to that Chromebooks will gain fast pairing support for hundreds of Bluetooth headphone models including, of course, Pixel Buds. It will allow the users to save the headphones to their Google account. As a result, their Chromebook and Android phones can connect to them smoothly and easily, even without taking extra time.