Apple and Koss dispute over wireless headphone patents ends

Apple and Koss were involved in a dispute regarding the patents of wireless headphones. Patently Apple reported, “Koss Corporation, who invented the first high fidelity “stereophones” has filed a five-count patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. It’s no secret that Apple is about to launch over ear headphones and Apple’s success is going to be bad news for Koss. With that said, Koss states that “Apple and others are reaping enormous benefits due to John C. Koss’s vision, and Koss Corporation’s commitment to that vision, for more than six decades.” After four meetings with Apple and making it clear that their audio products were without a doubt infringing on Koss patents, it was clear that Apple wasn’t going to admit infringement” But now the dispute is over


Other companies violating patents of Koss


On the basis of violation of patents on wireless headphone technology Koss has sued Apple, Bose, JLab, Plantronics and Skullcandy. The company claimed that famous wireless headphones like AirPods, the Bose 700 and other Bluetooth headphones have copied features from Koss’ Striva line of WiFi audio gear, and it wanted a payback now that the industry had “caught up” to work Koss started in the early 2000s. The best thing about Koss is it didn’t ask the court to block sales of the headphones involved in the dispute. It instead focused on money, demanding that its competitors pay “three times” the damages determined by either the court or the jury.


The settlement


According to Engadget, “Apple and Koss have ended their feud over wireless headphone patents shortly before trial. As Reuters notes, the two told a Waco, Texas-based federal court on Saturday that they had reached a settlement over Koss’ claims Apple had infringed on patents for wireless audio technology. The terms of the settlement haven’t been disclosed, but the two firms said they made peace on “all matters in controversy.” The trial was supposed to have started today.”