Two nations now offer Microsoft’s Game Pass Friend & Family tier

It comes to about €4.40 per person per month.


Family & Friend Tier Game Pass Features


Following a leak last week, Microsoft has officially launched Game Pass Friends & Family in Ireland, providing you and four additional people with the same advantages as Game Pass Ultimate for €22 ($22) per month. That works out to just €4.40 ($4.40) a month for each person, which is less than double the Game Pass Ultimate price for one person (€13). Even better, there are no family restrictions; the only prerequisite is that all four participants must reside in the same nation.


It has only so far reached two nations, but that may soon change. “This strategy is currently being tested in Colombia and the Republic of Ireland. There may be additional nations or regions added in the upcoming months, “A FAQ was written by Microsoft.


Prorata validity for existing customers


Existing Game Pass Ultimate subscribers in those nations will have their remaining days prorated, essentially in accordance with the price difference. Accordingly, you receive 18 days of Game Pass Friends & Family for 30 days of Game Pass Ultimate, compared to 12 days for 30 days of Xbox Game Pass or Live Gold. 6 days of Game Pass Friends & Family are included with 30 days of EA Play.


Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass are both $10 per month in the US, while Game Pass Ultimate, which includes multiplayer, is $15. According to The Verge, the price of The Game Pass Friends & Family in the United States will probably be around $25, or $5 per person per month. Users of Ultimate can access Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Live, and more in addition to multiplayer.