We provide genetic testing to help individuals determine whether they are at risk of developing common hereditary cancers and heart disorders: Everything Genetic Ltd

James Price is an experienced molecular diagnostics business leader with an established history of working with and creating organisations within the biotechnology industry. Everything Genetic (EGL) was founded in 2016 with the help of James’ extensive industry experience and contacts. The company has evolved ever since, starting with genetic testing and then widening its Portfolio to include wellness and later COVID testing.

The vision of the company is to democratise genetic testing for all, by disrupting the industry, broadening the number of accessible testing alternatives and most crucially, making genetic testing inexpensive.

EGL serves both healthcare providers and patients as a consultative distributor of market-leading genetic testing brands. They’ve formed strategic alliances with industry-leading laboratories to provide innovative genetic tests for the detection, diagnosis, and treatment planning of cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.

Its collaboration with other organisations, flexibility and ability to adapt as the market develops has all contributed to EGL’s success. Investing in infrastructure has been critical to our success, recruiting the right people and implementing bespoke software has been key.

 Our services

We provide genetic testing to help individuals determine whether they are at risk of developing common hereditary cancers and heart disorders. This empowers them to take charge of their healthcare, by detecting any issues early on, when they are most treatable.

We have tests that can provide clinicians with a broad genomic view of an individual’s cancer, helping select the most effective treatments once diagnosed. Besides its core cancer and genetic testing services, EGL now offers COVID testing. The programme was initially developed to assist Oncologists in testing patients pre chemotherapy treatment, allowing them to receive urgent treatment safely during the pandemic.

Through the pandemic, EGL adopted the UK Gov furlough arrangement at the onset of lock down in 2020, as cancer services were drastically affected and more or less stopped.  Our corporate offering to over 200 companies now expands to many sectors including healthcare, travel and banking sectors. Finally, in April 2021, a direct-to-consumer service was launched to support the tourism sector

So what does the future look like for EGL?

Our company’s primary focus is on assisting people in regaining control of their health. We strive make the latest health technologies accessible and affordable to everyone in the UK.  Investing in new technologies and supporting bringing them to market, whilst educating our audience, providing clinical support and working with industry bodies to ensure reimbursement where relevant.

We have recently invested in a UK start-up company with a patented next generation digital lateral flow test. This evolution allows differentiation between winter viruses as we move through the pandemic.  The results will be managed and sent to the user’s phone via a new app.

Another innovation includes the way in which we test for hereditary cancer, using polygenic risk scores to determine an individual’s 10 year risk of developing cancer.  Working with UK geneticists we believe EGL is pioneering this technology to embed as a new standard of care.

We believe in empowering individuals to take control of their own health by understanding their predetermined risk for conditions such as cancer and heart disease.  We aim to greatly assist those who may need to access further care much earlier. Currently many individuals cannot gain access to this information within the NHS; genetic testing only being offered to individuals with a strong family history, often with long lead times for appointments. Our ultimate ambition is to collaborate with national screening programmes for hereditary cancers.