Zackarie Lemelle: Transforming Leaders and Organizations from the Inside Out

A Visionary Leader Nurturing Excellence and Empowering Success!

 In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership and business, one name stands out as a beacon of transformation and empowerment: Zackarie Lemelle. With a lifelong commitment to nurturing excellence and driving positive change, his journey from corporate leader to coaching pioneer has left an indelible mark on the realms of leadership development and organizational success.

 Zackarie’s journey began as a quest for excellence that transcended conventional boundaries. Over four decades, he navigated the intricate landscape of firms ranging from startups to Fortune 500 giants, amassing a wealth of experience that would later become the cornerstone of his transformative approach. His 18-year tenure at a major healthcare company, where he held the esteemed position of Global Vice President/Chief Information Officer, marked a pivotal phase of his career. It was here that he honed his skills, developed his perspective, and realized the power of nurturing performance from within.

 The insights and knowledge Zackarie cultivated over the years were not confined to boardrooms and corporate strategies alone. Recognizing the profound impact of leadership on individuals and organizations, he embarked on a journey to become a Certified Professional Coach. Armed with a mission to empower others to achieve their full potential, he transitioned seamlessly into the role of Managing Partner at one of the nation’s top Coach Training firms. This was a pivotal move that set the stage for his profound impact on the world of coaching and leadership development.

 At the helm of New Hope Coaching & Consulting, Zackarie’s vision and expertise converge in a symphony of transformative leadership. As the President and CEO, he leverages his corporate experience, coaching acumen, and purpose-driven mindset to bring about profound shifts within leaders and organizations. His people-centered approach goes beyond surface-level changes, diving deep to uncover insights that deliver breakthrough advantages with lasting impact.

 For Zackarie, the measure of success lies not in personal accomplishments but in the achievements of those he empowers. He steadfastly believes that his primary responsibility is to actively support the development and triumph of others. His resounding proclamation, “Their success is my success!” reflects the core of his leadership philosophy. This dedication to the growth and success of individuals resonates powerfully in his coaching approach, making him a mentor and guide like no other.

 Below are the highlights of the interview:

 Shaping Success from Within

 When Zackarie embarked on his journey, his primary aspiration was to make his mother proud. Before his involvement with New Hope Coaching and Consulting, Zack’s path led him through the military, where he imbibed discipline and structure, and then into small boutique consulting firms, refining his customer-centric skills. He subsequently entered the realm of large corporations, honing his servant leadership abilities. Throughout his experiences in IT and as a Chief Information Officer (CIO), his focus consistently remained on people, not just tasks or projects.

 Today, Zack has evolved into a visionary leader who has dedicated his life to transforming leaders and organizations from within. His fusion of a deep affinity for people, business acumen, and an unwavering commitment to excellence has paved the way for his extraordinary journey. With over four decades of professional experience spanning diverse companies, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises and not-for-profit organizations, Zack’s journey is a testament to the power of transformative leadership.

 During his 18-year tenure at Johnson & Johnson, Zack held pivotal roles such as Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Ortho-McNeil (now Janssen Pharmaceutical), Ethicon, and the corporate headquarters. These invaluable experiences seamlessly transitioned into his pioneering role as Managing Partner at a highly successful Coach Training firm, where he effectively imparted his wisdom to aspiring leaders.

 At the helm of New Hope Coaching and Consulting, Zack’s rich background as a respected corporate leader, purpose-driven business owner, and Certified Executive Leadership Coach (ACC-ICF) shapes his distinct perspective on executive leadership and business transformation. His approach is centered around people, seeking to unlock crucial insights that lead to tangible breakthroughs.

 “In my coaching and consulting journey, I’ve always felt compelled to utilize my innate talents. Whether as an IT professional, CIO, or CEO, my heart has always been invested in people, especially within my community. My aim has always been to contribute to growth and positivity,” Zack articulates.

 Additionally, Zack is an active member of the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF), having previously served as the chairman of the Board for two terms. ITSMF is a non-profit organization that boasts executives from Fortune 50, 100, and 500 companies in the United States.

 A recent call from the White House brought news of Zack’s selection for the 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, an accolade signed by both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. This esteemed recognition will be presented to him at a significant event on June 3rd this year. Reflecting on this milestone, Zack remarked, “I wish my mother could witness her son being acknowledged in this manner. I owe everything I am to her—a woman who raised six children on her own, with just a 9th-grade education, in the challenging circumstances of a Jim Crow environment.”

Bringing a Fresh Perspective to Leadership

 Zackarie Lemelle, the driving force behind New Hope Coaching and Consulting, selected the name with a clear intention: to embody the essence of granting his clients a renewed sense of hope. His mission is to infuse aspirations with new life, not just for his clients themselves but also for their families, loved ones, and everyone they encounter on their unique journeys. Unburdened by concerns about competition, Zack’s focus is resolutely centered on his clients and business growth.

 Zack’s self-definition aligns with “Inspiring,” a role he has embraced amidst the various twists and turns of his leadership journey. Throughout his path, he has had the privilege of encountering remarkable leaders who have left an indelible mark. Notable figures like Bob Savage, who entrusted Zack with his inaugural CIO role, have inspired him to reach for his full potential. Similarly, Carla Ogunrinde’s influence impelled him to transcend personal limitations and aspire for greatness. With conviction, Zack proclaims, “While IT was my profession, people are my passion!”

 A pivotal lesson that shaped Zack’s leadership approach was the realization of what true leadership entails. Previously, his leadership style was more unconscious and automatic. However, upon grasping the essence of authentic leadership, he transitioned to leading with intent. His definition of a leader resonates deeply: “If your title were removed, would people still follow you?” This simple question guides his actions, ensuring that he embodies leadership rather than mere management. Throughout his journey, Zack has sought to exemplify this definition in all his endeavors.

Inspiring Excellence and Overcoming Adversity

 On the journey of life, setbacks are inevitable. For Zack Lemelle, President and CEO of New Hope Coaching & Consulting, these challenges take on a unique significance as an African American. He believes that setbacks are not measured by their depth but rather by the resilience displayed when rising above them. “Life is about how you recover from a setback, not just how you fall,” he reflects, emphasizing the power of resilience.

 As the world evolves, so does the coaching and consulting industry. Zack notes that this industry has experienced a paradigm shift, embracing a culture of coaching as a pathway to profitability. It has transitioned from attempting to “Fix” individuals to nurturing growth and inspiring greatness. Zack insists that coaching offers far more than corrective measures; it’s a catalyst for transformation and elevation.

 Zack’s role as President and CEO is two-fold: nurturing business growth and leaving a legacy of transformed lives. His vision for New Hope Coaching & Consulting is rooted in fundamental transformations that encompass speaking engagements, teaching, continuous learning, coaching, and sustained growth.

Prayer, faith, and dedication form the foundation of Zack’s daily routine. Early mornings are reserved for connecting with his faith through scripture and exercise, followed by a day filled with productive Zoom meetings involving clients, family, and friends.

At his core, Zack aspires to ignite the flames of greatness within others, inspiring them to forge their legacies. His message to the African American community is one of unwavering strength: “Persist and stand firm! Let us navigate challenges with determination, walking the path of faith rather than relying solely on what we see.”