Snapchat elevates Shopping with its Latest AR Dressing Feature

Recently, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others have centralized their focus on introducing one-click purchasing possibilities. With that said, Snapchat has introduced an AR dressing feature for its users to help them dress and shop.

Elevated Shopping Experience


Snapchat’s AR dressing feature takes the shopping experience to a new level. The feature allows users to try and funnel any attire they like through Snap’s AR camera. Through Camera Kit, most of that tech can also work within brands’ websites and retailer apps. It also has a buy button.

Snapchat announced at its annual Creator Summit that it is expanding its AR try-on features that let users use their cameras to virtually try on glasses and clothes. The company is also creating an in-app hub called Dress Up that it hopes could be something like the future of the shopping mall.


Snapchat’s AR Dressing Feature


With Dress Up, Snapchat aims to create fun and experiential shopping with its AR dressing feature. When you open the Dress Up hub and pick an item, you’ll be able to try it on through Snap’s AR lenses but also take a picture of how it looks on you and share it with friends to get their thoughts. Dress Up will also have creator content, as well as tips and ideas from brands, all changing based on what you like, how you use the platform, and even where you’re located. And everything everywhere can be bought in just a tap or two.

Snapchat announced a new technology called Snap AR Image Processing, which is exactly what it sounds like: it uses machine learning to take regular product photos and turn them into 3D models. The tech comes from Forma, a virtual-try-on company Snap quietly acquired to improve its try-on experiences. All users need to do is take a full-body selfie, and they can try on almost anything.

Rigorous Testing on the Tech


Snap has been working on the tech for about 18 months and has been testing it with a few brands before rolling it out to more businesses this year. The tech is new but impressive and when combined with user-inputted information about height and weight and whether that shirt that fits in AR actually fits in real life, can get better fast.

Snapchat, like every other platform trying to embrace in-app shopping, has to be careful not to let the buying experience overrun everything else. Snapchat users might like to shop their friends and favorite celebrities’ looks, but they’re going to like every photo they send being hidden behind a hundred buttons telling you where to buy their eye shadow, necklace, and the plant behind them.


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