Why did Suffolk Construction Pause all Projects in Boston?

In a piece of recent news, one of the largest construction contractors in Boston is voluntarily shutting down their sites across the city after three workers were hurt in a collapse. According to Suffolk Construction, all its sites will stop working through the end of the week.


Suffolk Construction and Ban on Work


As per Boston police, three workers were rescued from a collapse inside the old Edison plant and have non-life threatening injuries. One of the workers, Joe Cappuccio, who has worked in construction years ago, wanted to take a moment at the site to leave flowers for the workers who were hurt. “To see this is an absolute and utter disgrace. For workers to die like this or be injured like this. Their lives are ruined. Who knows what type of injuries these people have,” said Cappuccio.

Boston fire says a large section of a mezzanine overhead collapsed and landed on the legs of one worker.  The site is being prepped for a development project at the historic plant. We learned OSHA is investigating three employers at the south Boston site. Suffolk Construction, Northstar Contracting and TRC Companies.  Investigators will examine workplace safety standards and compliance. It has to completed within six months. “If OSHA is here post disaster. Isn’t this something that should be done before this happen,” said Cappuccio.


Opportunity to Reinforce Jobsite Safety


Suffolk Construction told us the Safety stand-down is an opportunity to reinforce jobsite safety awareness and provide our teams the opportunity to secure, evaluate, clean and organize their job sites. “This is a voluntary action on the part of Suffolk.  We strive daily to fulfill our continuing commitment to safe operations, demonstrate compassion for our employees and trade partners, and keep our projects safe in every way.” Suffolk Construction also telling all comprehensive reviews will be done before each site reopens and they will keep the stop-work order in place until all safety protocols are met.


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