The Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Business

Businesses these days increasingly need access to their data on the go. The access should be with no overhead for storage maintenance and no hardware maintenance costs. Cloud storage solutions for business provide an effective solution and are gaining popularity.

Why should we use cloud storage solutions over physical?

We highly recommend keeping several backups for your critical files. Physical hard drives are helpful, but storing away from your physical locations at data centers is often essential. This is why cloud storage solutions are perfect. If a theft takes place at the premises of a fire or any other accident occurs, there are chances of losing data. It’s vital to have it stored in a different location to other backups.

Cloud storage solutions offers:

  • A backup source that is easy to use and can take seconds to set up, unlike setting up additional physical units.
  • 24/7 access from any device, so that one can quickly check the work files via mobile devices and apps, as well as via a PC or Mac.
  • Group access, so that there is no need to send individual files around. You can easily set up each with different accounts and operate with minimal effort by file sharing in collaboration.

Listed below are the top four cloud storage solutions providers

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon’s AWS offers a wide variety of cloud computing services. Plans consist of pay as you go, pay less if you book, pay even less per unit if you use more, pay even less as AWS grows, and custom pricing. AWS says its specific selling proposition (USP) in computing and dedicated computer services like hosting websites and mobile data backup. It is the topmost cloud storage solutions providers.


Box for business provides features such as secure file sharing, security at the company level, file sync, cross-platforms, IT and admin monitoring, reporting, and dedicated technical assistance. It has various pricing plans according to user needs, and few are customizable.


Dropbox claims to provide enterprise cloud-hosting solutions to more than 300,000 teams through its Dropbox. It offers the features of cross-platform sharing, storage, sync, backup, and seamless integration. Dropbox enables file sharing even with users who do not have a Dropbox account.

Microsoft OneDrive

The tech giant Microsoft offers its cloud storage solutions through OneDrive. It provides vast storage facilities along with cross-platform syncing and powerful searching. Microsoft OneDrive has its own downloadable software to keep the data in sync between remote and local. It allows several third party applications to work with cloud data seamlessly. It also offers hybrid options that integrate your on-premise solutions with Microsoft’s cloud services.